Mistress M

The Sensual Dominatrix

I’m more of a nurturing dominant than cruel dominatrix. I will push your boundaries, never break them. Personal growth lies in our edges.

Mistress M 

Men are taught to protect, defend and be tough. Choosing to place yourself in restraints means to consciously surrender one's power. You get to receive the gift of giving up control and put your trust in me. I will guide you on an erotic journey of the senses and safely bring you home. This is our sacred power exchange.

By consciously letting go and surrendering, you are given the opportunity to serve in devotion and reverence. Strength comes from surrender and vulnerability. Submission and servitude is a powerful act.

Sensual Sensation Play combines 'Dark Tantra' and BDSM through sensory impact, touch and breath. I love to role play kinky fantasies and explore fetishes. I have a somatic sex coaching background and I teach couples new tricks in the bedroom and communicate their desire. My sessions are held in my Portland studio and online. You don't need to identify as a submissive, but you do need to be obedient, respectful and easy to communicate with as my student.

I hold a judgement-free space to explore taboo fantasies, express secret desires and experience new parts of your erotic self in female domination and BDSM. Take my hand, surrender and let go. Let's have some fun in the shadows!

Mistress M


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