A young man contacted me this month who had never seen a professional dominatrix (or any erotic service professionals for that matter.) He said in his introduction he had visited some Asian massage parlors in the past, but he was seeking more of a personal connection and wanted to explore feminine role play and submission. He was earnest to book a session, but his first attempt landed a D minus and his application went into the trash bin.

First mistake, he lied about his name. Then he lied about a reference.

Why do think professional dominatrixes, companions, escorts, tantra massage providers ask for your personal information? We screen and verify who you are for two main reasons:

1) Our safety.

2) To weed out the hundreds of time wasters who have no intention of booking (but do enjoy the free attention and robbing us of our time.) I take all the information on my inquiry form seriously, that’s why I have a check box stating all the information you give me is true before submitting. I charge an application fee as I take the time to verify, contact references and set up a phone interview before the session. I state on my form I never share personal information with anyone and I don’t use an assistant, which means I’m a professional who values discretion and I take privacy seriously.

I understand that every professional screens new clients in their own way. Some will screen with verification sites like P411 or just use a previous provider’s name as a reference. That information is icing on the cake, but I simply require to know your name, the legal name that’s listed on your identification if you're booking an in-person session. If you want to do a session through video, email or phone chat, you just need to fill out my application form stating you’re 21 years of age or older (sometimes I’ll ask applicants to send a copy of their ID with a selfie pic if I’m not confident they're a legal adult. This happened once.)

The earnest young man eventually booked a session after I took pity on him, took the time to point out his mistakes and give him another chance. He apologized profusely, sent in a new application along with the fee and less than 48 hours later he was strapped down to my table wearing my panties and nylons, happy as a little piggy squealing in the mud. Giving us pleasure is so easy: read what we ask for, listen and communicate without making us chase you down for information and you’ll be rewarded handsomely (Snort snort! Squeeeee!)

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For businesses that cater to a select or small group of people, one cancellation can really be financially devastating to their bottom line. Many upscale restaurants are now requiring $30 deposits for weekend reservations or for large groups to cut down on no-shows. My medical care clinic puts a $100 hold on my credit card when I make an appointment. If I don’t show or I’m more than 20 minutes late, they keep the fee. Pre paying has been shown to cut down on no-shows, even it’s a small amount of the total bill.

Deposits are becoming the norm to see dominatrixes, escorts, tantra and massage providers. Many of us have upfront costs like a dungeon, a hotel or a private rental so cancellations not only cost us lost business but also the cost of the space we’ve pre-booked to see you. I have a busy schedule outside of sensual domination and I’m very selective of who I see so I generally book no more than one session a day, and I keep the day pretty flexible in case they are running late. I charge a minimum 25% upfront for most sessions and a 50% deposit for fly-me-to-you packages to cover my travel costs. More professionals are taking deposits and offering discreet ways of paying that don’t have their business name connected to the billing statement— Giftrocket, Cash (dot)me, cryptocurrency, wire transfers or paperless trails like Amazon gift cards for smaller amounts.

If you’re still nervous about paying money upfront thinking she might run off with your money, see if they offer less expensive online sessions to get to know them, or look at their reputation on social media. Don’t let the fear of deposits and privacy stand in your way of fulfillment and well-being.

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