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The Divine Ms M


Evolution of The Mistress

Like Goldilocks tasting all the porridge, I needed to make my own that was just the right amount of spicy, decadent and nourishing.


I became a certified Sexological Bodyworker (somatic sex educator) in 2014. It sparked my interest in the shadow side of sexual expression and pleasure, and a year later I completed the Urban Tantra program for Professionals. I wanted to dive even deeper into the dark side.  I knew I wanted to mentor women and coach couples around sex, kink and intimacy. 

I didn't really resonate with the clinical aspect of sexological bodywork. For a few years I spent part of my time as a high-end companion. While I loved the perks of travel and intimacy, it lacked boundaries and I wanted to be the giver. The jargon of Chakras and sanskrit in traditional Tantra felt suppressive and too serious. The dominatrix world felt icy and cruel; it didn't feel genuine for myself. Eventually I would find my authentic expression as a playful domme. I incorporated sexual healing, therapeutic bodywork, tantra and BDSM in my sensation play sessions. With my background in art and psychology, I created a judgment-free space to explore kink, role playing, and I have a good sense of what makes you tick. I also love teaching one-on-one playshops and coaching couples how to spark intimacy back into their marriage. I work with men to let go of  "toxic masculinity" -- learning to simply receive without reciprocation, fixing or proving their manhood. Listening to their partner's needs first, respecting boundaries, gaining trust and letting go of control. My practice always stays within the RACK boundaries (Risk Aware Consensual Kink.) 


My goal in each session is to leave your head in the clouds for days and make you forget how to walk and talk (many of my students have said this is exactly is how they've felt after a BDSM sensation play session ; ) My mission statement is to rid of the world of shame around sexuality, and create new paradigms shifting power towards women and femme-identified people.


My professional career for the past 25 years is in art and filmmaking - I created this website and directed my own photo shoots. Over the years, my creativity has evolved into erotic expression and the 'dark arts'. 

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