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Rates + Logistics

What's a first time session with you like?


I like to break the ice with a relaxed chat and get to know what's inside that kinky little head-- What you want to experience, what scares and/or arouses you. Your boundaries, limits and what you want to deeply feel and explore. We do a little breathing exercise to ground you and then I launch you into orbit : ) Sessions are bespoke, but I am the one directing so you can let go of your thoughts, drop into your body and just feel. I like to incorporate sensation play, tie and tease, erotic bodywork and dark tantra.

Where are located?

Generally I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and can meet you at your upscale hotel suite when you're visiting, or I can book us a hotel or even a fun fetish space for an additional fee. I do not tour but I do post travel dates pinned on my Twitter. 

Note, if you want to book a session when I'm in your city, you need to do it before I'm in your city as I travel with an oversized bag of  goodies just for sessions. I will also require screening and a deposit at least a week before to hold the date as I only see one client per day for Covid safety measures.) 


Private Session Rates

Two hours $1000

90 minutes $900

One hour $800

Dominance, Drinks and Dessert (my favorite!)

Four hours. A session in private followed by a decadent dinner at a nearby restaurant. I will make all the reservations and arrangements including the location fee. You are responsible for any expenses outside of the room.


The Dominant Girlfriend 

Are you shy, nervous or want to break the ice before committing? Do you just need a confidante to reveal all your secrets or companionship for a cocktail or an eventI will do the pre-planning and make any necessary reservations for our date.

This date is all in public, there are no PDAs (though I do accept and adore presents as tokens of your affection.) I also do not offer same-day extensions for a private session. I dress  modestly in public but if you feel you can't be seen in public then book a private or online session. 

An hour over coffee or cocktails $500

Lunch or dinner. A stroll around the city or a taking in a museum. Four hours, $1000

You are responsible for any expenses.

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The Fine Print, READ ME


While I'm delighted if you want to call yourself Ms. M Little Boy Fucktoy or Sissy Slut Sarah-- But before we meet, I will need to know who you really are for private in-person sessions. I offer several ways to verify yourself. I take everyone's privacy very seriously and I never share your information with anyone-- I am the only one who looks at our correspondence. 


If you don't wish to be screened and verified, book an online session or a public date. 

  • To confirm, I require a 50% deposit. I offer several discreet ways to pay. 

  • I am a sensual dominatrix, bodyworker and taboo fantasy "therapist" to work out those kinks. I do not offer vanilla escort "services".

  • While I adore role playing with devoted submissives, you don't need to indentify that way for sensation play and erotic bodywork. However, I run the ship. I am always in control the session and I never switch. You are always in charge of your own boundaries.

  • Sometimes things get in the way of plans. Read my cancellation policies.

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