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When not traveling to other cites, I hold sessions at a private sanctuary in Portland in Inner Southeast. Located in a quiet residential area with easy parking and there's a shower for you to use before or after your session. If you're visiting Portland, I can also travel to your deluxe hotel suite (must be at least 300 sq feet for me to work comfortably.) 

My first session for new clients is two hours. The first few minutes of the session, we will have a relaxed chat over boundaries, limits and what you want to deeply feel and explore. We do a little breathing exercise to ground you and then I launch you into orbit : ) Sessions are bespoke, but I am the one directing so you can let go of your thoughts, drop into your body and just feel. I like to incorporate sensation play, tie and tease, erotic bodywork and dark tantra. 


Rates for sessions 

Sessions are bespoke and include the location (private play space, hotel, dungeon.)

90 minute minimum for first time sessions. After our first session or when in other cities, I offer shorter sessions on a limited basis. 

Two hours $900

90 minutes $800

One hour $700


Special Dates and Rates

Location fee waived ($150 off all sessions!)

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Dominance, Drinks and Dessert (a curated experience, up to five hours. My favorite!)

Two to three hours of bodywork, sensation play and/or kinky role play in private followed by a decadent dinner at a nearby restaurant. I will make all the reservations and arrangements. You are responsible for any expenses outside of the room.



Fly or Train Me to You

I love an excuse to pack all my kinky toys and hop on the train to Seattle or fly down to San Francisco to see my Bay Area friends! Seattle packages start at $2k. Bay Area packages start at $3k.

Includes all travel costs, private play space and up to four hours of session time. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due with a minimum of fourteen days before our session appointment. I can put together a custom quote to travel to your city anywhere in the US or Canada.

Overnight (Dinner to breakfast, 12-16 hours. For established clients only.)

A continuation of our Dominance, Drinks and Dessert evening, we head back to the hotel for a nightcap of decadence (while I won't say exactly what we will do, I guarantee you will will have the deepest sleep of your life when I'm through with you ; ) We can share a suite but I require my own separate quarters for sleeping. Curation fee starts at $4k.

Public Meetups 

I adore dressing up and enjoying your company over fine dining. Maybe you're dipping your toes in the kink world and want to learn more about FLR. Maybe you're a secret slut and want to tell me all about the lacy pink thong you've been wearing all day under your business attire. Maybe you'll feel that chastity cage get snugger as I whisper kinky delights in your ear over cocktails and nibbles.


Our session is all in public (no private time.) My only boundary is no humiliation play involving non-consenting people. I will dress conservatively as to not raise eyebrows (but knowing you will fantasize about what I'm wearing underneath my dress will make it so much more fun for both of us.) 

Public meetups are also great way to see if we have chemistry for private sessions. I will make all the arrangements, you are responsible for expenses. 


Up to two hours, $600. 



  • It's fine if you want to call yourself Mistress's M Little Bitch or Sissy Sarah or Mr T. But before we meet, I will need to know who you really are. I offer several ways to verify yourself. I take everyone's privacy very seriously and I never share your information with anyone-- I am the only one who looks at our correspondence.

  • If you wish to not be verified, book a public meetup or an online session.

  • To confirm a session or meetup, I require a 50% deposit. The deposit must be made in advance with a minimum of three business days before our session. I offer several discreet ways to pay by card or cryptocurrency. 


Sometimes things get in the way of plans. Read my cancellation policies.

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