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How To Clean Your Ass for Prostate Massage or Anal Play

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

There's lots of nerve endings around the anus and anal sphincter, especially in the prostate gland. Many men who're "ass virgins" worry that pleasuring their anus might make them gay (I wish!) Both male and female bodies can feel pleasure from ass play, but relaxing and going very slow is key. If you're worried about being a little "dirty" down there, you're never going to relax. Even if you're not anticipating having anyone over for dinner, it's always a good idea to just do a light cleaning for company.

In my sessions I always wear nitril gloves doing any kind touch around the butt. Starting with "rosebud" massage to warm up the external anus, then a finger gently "ringing the doorbell" a few times to see if I've been invited to come in further ("the party is in the back yard!") The external anus muscle can be clenched and unclenched, but the separate internal sphincter is not under voluntary control. Therefore, in order to insert anything bigger than my pinky, the body needs to be warmed up and really relaxed.

Because shit happens, sometimes it happens in anal play and pegging. I recommend cleaning out the lower rectum which is just a few inches up the anus, not a full enema cleanout (unless you love being fisted or taking 9" monster cocks. Then you need to give yourself at least 12 hours to prepare, eat a diet with more fiber and stay clear of coffee before the session.)

If you end up doing a full colonic enema (cleaning out your entire colon), do it 12-24 hours before a session. You can also go to a colonic spa and get your ass professionally polished. Be prepared to be near a toilet for a few hours afterward. Trust me on this one, you’ll be king of the throne but when you’re done you’ll be several pounds lighter. Enemas are nature’s reminder that we are all totally full of shit (yes, that’s my bad joke and I’m taking full credit for it.)

Check out how to Clean Your Ass instruction.

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