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Good Questions


Do you see people like me?

I see adults (age 21+). People of color, people with disabilities, overweight, elderly, trans folks, nb, women, men and couples. Looks and shapes do not matter to me, but you must be respectful of boundaries, listen and respond to what I ask for. My ideal student is naturally a submissive, or at least willing to give up control and let me steer the session.

I am looking to do X, Y, Z to you. Is that on your menu?

If those are your expectations, you should book an escort instead. Remember, I am Dominant and our erotic power exchange will fizzle if you've come at me with an agenda. Touch is mainly directed towards you, I do not switch. I may let you massage my feet or legs but that depends on your behavior. Boundaries and safe words are always discussed at the beginning of our session and they go both ways. As I get to know my clients over several sessions, the more flexible I will be. Good behavior goes a long way. 

Do I need to be submissive or kinky to enjoy a session?

You don't need to identify as a submissive but you need to be open to learn to submit, let go of control and let me steer. 'Bossy Bottoms' bring out the Angry Mommy disciplinarian in me (I don't enjoy babysitting whiny boys who say they want to please me but demand and pout when they don't get their way.) If you want to please me, it's quite simple: listen and respond to what I say. Pay the deposit in a timely manner when I ask you to so. Communicate. Let go of your agenda and let yourself have a mind blowing ecstatic experience. You can also read how to contact a sex worker, how to clean your butt for ass play and lot of other good tips here

Do you take outfit requests?

Absolutely! If you have a very particular fetish (like your high school English teacher or a nylon bodystocking fetish ),send the links to me so I can order the right sizes. Once you've sent payment, I will order and have it ready for our session. In public, I am dressed to not raise eyebrows. 

Do you have a gallery of photos?

The best place to see more recent images is my Twitter account and my NSFW premium account.

How experienced are you?

I've been in the "erotic arts" for about eight years (I started in my early 40's so that should give you an idea of my age ; ) I'm proud of my work, my life experiences and being able to teach and coach others from the wisdom I've gained. I've also taken great care of my health and body, so physically I look a decade younger but I can still beat you mentally ; )

I hope to be doing this until the AmazonDom SexBots take over the world ("Order full-body orgasms and pizza in 30 minutes or less with the Amazoombrain app. Download the memory scan coupon for your first free delivery and we'll throw in nipple stimulation and garlic breadsticks... ")

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