Sex, Intimacy + Kink Coaching

Everyone has questions about their body, their turn-on, fantasies and wondering what is "normal". 

As a certified somatic sex educator (CSB) I've been professionally trained to work on the body, explore pleasure, help students communicate desire and find sexual healing. ‘embodiment’, which is deeper presence, awareness and understanding of what is going on in your body and in sex.

My students are curious, open to exploring their erotic selves on a deeper level or become a 'Master Lover'. They are all genders, sexual preferences, married, polyamorous, monogamous, single, young and old. (Legally, you must be an adult 18 or older and agree when booking a session.)

  • Coping with 'erectile disfunction' (ED)

  • Tantra to prolong pleasure and delay ejaculation 

  • Questioning gender and coming out

  • Feminization, cross dressing with confidence* 

  • Feeling shame or embarrassment*

  • Sexually inexperienced or a virgin

  • Trying out sex toys

  • Asking for exactly what you want in the bedroom

  • Sex during menopause and coping with vaginismus

  • Having difficult conversations about sex with your partner

  • Learning Dominance/submission play

  • Strap-on play, pegging and prostate pleasure


I offer sessions by phone or video. I also offer one or two day emersion playshops for couples.

Hiring an intimacy coach is like working with a sex therapist, a couples counselor and a trusted confidante. I listen without judgement while taking an outcome based approach. I am the catalyst to empower my students.

*If feeling "ashamed" ,"humiliated", "inadequate" is a turn-on (empowering), you have a humiliation fetish. I love role playing kinky fetishes as a dominatrix (not in my coaching work). Book a Role Play Fantasy session instead.


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